Saturday, 25 February 2017

New Look 6067 mock wrap dress, lisette B6182 Top

Hello! Here is another catch up post. I meant to make this leopard print dress in January but hey, that didn't happen. I did manage to make it after I used the top half for my black glitter jersey dress (see previous post) got out the material and just kept going..

What I did: I read various reviews of this dress and made the neckline facing, which is a doubled over strip of straight material turned to the inside and top stitched, 6cm shorter than the given length to give the right firmness. I shortened the bodice by 2cm in the middle back tapering to 1.5cm at the sides and front. I should have gone 2cm all round. I narrowed the sleeve by 1.5cm taken off the back arm seam to make it fall right otherwise it was floppy. I made the pockets but wish I'd kept them off. They draw attention where I don't need it.
Conclusion: It's wearable but not an immediate favourite.

The second item which was made back in January is a little exercise top from lisette B6182. I originally made the dress in a loud 60's print last year, not blogged, because it was a disaster and I put it in the charity bin. But on the bright side this is the second knit top I have made and wear it often, mostly when I go out on the bike but want to drop into a shop on the way back and want something on that doesn't immediately scream 'work out wear' (although I have seen people shop in braille workout tops!)

Yeah I should have pulled the side down in the second photo but you still get and idea of the silhouette. If/when I make it again I will lengthen it slightly and also make it a bit less trapezey.
In fact I think that was what went wrong with the dress version, the trapeze dress silhouette felt like it was visually dragging me down. My basic silhouette/body-skeleton shape is rectangle and dresses with that silhouette suit me best. I can then play with the horizontal (waist) line either raising it a third or lowering it a third, the classic 'flapper' outline. In fact the only vintage period I have ever really worn well is 1920's do-the-Charleston era. Must revisit that sometime!
Here's an interesting you tube video talking about sewing for your proportions from Stitch 2 Fit  It's about 8 minutes in.

I'll be getting out the calculator!
Happy Sewing,

Progressive Stash Tally.
Fabric:  11 out, 3 in.
Stash Patterns used.

Sunday, 19 February 2017

Black glitter jersey, and a quick wrap dress

This is the first of my catch up posts. I have a few projects to photograph and write about but the  most recent was a quick dress made for an event I went to on impulse. I'd read about Frocktails in Melbourne and Brisbane on various blogs and felt like I was missing out. Then I heard about the Frocktails event in Sydney and decided to go. It was held on Friday night. What a crowd of amazingly well dressed women, all in their own-sewn frocks! There were fabulous dresses, much mingling and meeting of friends old and new. I was surprised at the number of people. The space was filled to overflowing. The event was arranged in adjunct to the Sydney Spoolettes group. You can find them on Facebook and Instagram.
My frock as mentioned had to be fast as I did not have time for complex construction and I wanted to keep my silks for when I had time to do them justice. I am a slow contemplative sewer so I decided not to risk anything from my special hoard. I need something with a lower risk factor! What to make? To my mind 'cocktails' mean black, fast means a wrap knit dress and some part of me wanted glitter. I found sparkly black lurex at Lincraft and realised later I should have headed straight to Cabramatta! I also had my heart set on Butterick 6054 wrap dress then found it's not even released in Australia yet (grrrr!) so I knocked off a RTW wrap dress from my wardrobe.
Thanks to Gail of My Fabrication for taking the photo!

The top half was New Look 6097 modified to make the pleats angle towards the skirt. I cut down the armholes cut in a bit. The skirt is from OOP Vogue 2382, view C with downward pleats from the waist. It was modified to add a bit more side skirt. Then there was lots of serging, self facings, self ties and waist elastic. I was just happy that it turned out!

NL 6097 was modified for the top half

OOP Vogue 2382 skirt C for the bottom half

The black sparkle jersey is the second fabric item bought in my self imposed 2017 stash-busting year and in the interests of honesty I'll admit that I recently succumbed to this foxy cream cotton/lycra. I only went in for cream thread, honest! It'll probably become a 3/4 sleeve T shirt for autumn. I've used up three out of my four 'allowed' fabric purchases for the year.

Progressive Stash Tally:  Fabric 9 out, 3 in. Stash patterns used.
Happy sewing,

Thursday, 16 February 2017

Still Here!

No, this is not becoming a fashion commentary blog. In case you were wondering I have been madly sewing but madly busy so this is a five minute post saying I will do a catch up blog later, after the weekend. Last week, when I read Gail's Chanel Update post about her fabulous red Chanel-style jacket, she mentioned Sydney Frocktails were happening on February the 18th. On impulse I went online and I must have booked the last ticket to this event in all of Sydney. So then I was faced with the conundrum of 'what am I going to wear!' and 'is there time to sew anything?' followed by 'I need a new little black bag'. 'ack!' You get the drift.  I have some previously made dresses that will do but I launched into a new project, now complete. I have a choice of three outfits. Decisions will be made on the day. I keep reminding myself that it is not a fashion runway...but speaking of such here is a creature that does look excellent on a runway from Myer's 2017 winter fashion show. I love this dress.

Meanwhile on the Vogue website there's a trend for post apocalypse type dressing or what to wear after the nuclear fallout. Anyone old enough to remember the 70's modelling luminary Veruschka? That's her nowadays in the picture below, modelling at the Esther Purbandt collection Vogue fashion shows/berlin The collection's gloomy minimalist yet strangely elegant look is being echoed by quite a few designers.

In her heyday. Google image

While it's hard to wear anything dark or gloomy on a 30 Celsius Sydney day, I'm suddenly feeling ok about possibly being the only grey haired Frocktail-cocktailer in the room tomorrow. I look forward to meeting a room full of sewing Sydneyites. See you tomorrow!


Saturday, 4 February 2017

Designer Fabulousness Dior Spring '17

In the midst of outlandish and sometimes downright silly looks on the high fashion runways, occasionally there is a collection that is truly haute couture with sumptuous fabrics, exquisite design, glamour and elegance and just a tiny twist of the bizarre.. There is a new designer at Dior called Maria Grazia Chiuri. Here's a link to the Dior Spring 2017 Collection and here are some of my favourites.

All the daywear was simple midnight black. To me the outfit below epitomises classic French elegance. I love the tailored black jackets, and the short jacket over the gauchos..sigh!

From the stratospheric heights of faux-forest runways to kitchen table reality, I am currently sewing a summer dress for a friend. It's a replica of one she saw me wearing. It's posted here. I normally say no but found myself saying yes, including shopping for the fabric... I'll be back to posting my own stuff soon,