Thursday, 25 February 2016

Simplicity 1366 top made from a nightgown

I've made the Cynthia Rowley top again, from a white lace nightie. I'd been given a white cotton old-world style nightie that had been doing the rounds of the women in my family. It was a beautiful thing but no one wanted it until it landed with me, still with its price tag swinging on a gold pin. I kept it for a year or so trying to figure out how I could refashion it using the lace panels in a balanced way. Then I had the light bulb moment of incorporating the lace bands into the body and the sleeves using this pattern.

The moment of no return..

The side seams became sleeves

The gap was filled with a self drafted insert

I ended up with a lace T shirt that I like very much. after I finished I had to make two extra horizontal pin tucks on the bottom edge of the sleeves to shorten them a bit but luckily it sort of added to the design. I'm glad I waited until inspiration struck. The unloved nightie is unloved no more.

Have you ever had a successful refashion? It takes a different thought process doesn't it?

Happy Sewing,


Thursday, 11 February 2016

See it, buy it, make it. Simplicity 1366

See it. Buy the pattern. Make it, wear it.
That's what happened to me when I saw Gabrielle's review of this Cynthia Rowley pattern Simplicity 1366.  The next day after work I went into Lincraft to buy white cotton thread and what do you know, they had a half price pattern sale and the fabric was half price too. Kismet.

I washed the material then made the top that night. It's a super quick top that only took 1metre of knit rayon and it's become an instant favourite.

The length is supposed to be a almost-crop-top but on me it's high hip length. I didn't fiddle with it but made it straight out to see how it went. I like it. The sleeves work with the body shape and length but I might just lengthen it a smidge on the next version.

I've done a pattern review with construction details. Here's my review and lots of others on PR.

This is one of those sneakily simple patterns that has gained popularity and now I see why. The cami looks nice too. Something Strange is also happening to my brain because the longer I look at the ha-cha-cha skirt the more I like elements of it. I might use the smooth front/pleated back idea at some stage but not right now. There are too many other patterns to try!

Happy sewing,

Saturday, 6 February 2016

M7093 with eyelet lace overlay

Hello readers. I'm back! I've been in a place of reinvention and of choosing the direction in which I want to go in my personal and working life. Actually my creative life as well. Everything. Stressed out. I've applied for a new job. I've set some ground rules with a few people. I've disassociated myself from someone who was trying to rip me off financially. I've come up with a life plan. I'm even going to sew with a plan and fill some wardrobe holes.

In the middle of all this I died my hair orange. I was going to let it go grey but I saw enough of what it'd look like to tell you it ain't gonna happen. Not this year anyway.

So what have I been sewing..well after basics and a number of wadders I managed to take inspiration from something I saw at Veronica Maine and set to work on making something beautiful. Finally.
The top in the link isn't the exact top that I saw which did have a lace overlay and raglan sleeves but it gives off much the same vibe.

I modified M7093 by rejoining the side panels and drew a curve up one side for the overlay. The raglan cap sleeves were a bit tight on me in previous versions so I added a bit of width. At the centre back I added a seam and sway back adjustment. I made a regular hem instead of the hi-lo.

I used lightweight pure linen for the body and some eyelet lace material from The Fabric Store for the sleeves and overlay. The lace was bought last year because I could not resist it. It's beautiful quality. Now I had a project for it.

I photographed the top with black jeans for contrast but it goes well with all my little colourful skirts too. Goes with anything really. I did flat felled seams as I'm not a fan of French seams.  Also the good thing is I've got some eyelet left over. I'm sure when the time is right I'll use it to accent something else. I was wary using eyelet lace would turn out too bridal/girly but to my relief it didn't.

During my blog hiatus I ordered six (yes six) patterns online and I bought some beefy silk/cotton  for this beauty:   

V1493  This pattern is my current kimono crush. I saw it on the McCalls blog. Isn't it gorgeous?

Keeping on sewing while watching the mail box,