Thursday, 11 February 2016

See it, buy it, make it. Simplicity 1366

See it. Buy the pattern. Make it, wear it.
That's what happened to me when I saw Gabrielle's review of this Cynthia Rowley pattern Simplicity 1366.  The next day after work I went into Lincraft to buy white cotton thread and what do you know, they had a half price pattern sale and the fabric was half price too. Kismet.

I washed the material then made the top that night. It's a super quick top that only took 1metre of knit rayon and it's become an instant favourite.

The length is supposed to be a almost-crop-top but on me it's high hip length. I didn't fiddle with it but made it straight out to see how it went. I like it. The sleeves work with the body shape and length but I might just lengthen it a smidge on the next version.

I've done a pattern review with construction details. Here's my review and lots of others on PR.

This is one of those sneakily simple patterns that has gained popularity and now I see why. The cami looks nice too. Something Strange is also happening to my brain because the longer I look at the ha-cha-cha skirt the more I like elements of it. I might use the smooth front/pleated back idea at some stage but not right now. There are too many other patterns to try!

Happy sewing,


  1. Love the first line! In an ideal world, that is how it would always be :)
    The top looks great, and great on you. And totally perfect for the Autumn which is just around the corner (she says, hopefully). x

    1. Thanks Patricia. Yes it's how it should be even if this cheeky pattern jumped the queue. As for cooler weather..I think maybe around Easter? Then at least the ridiculously hot nights should stop.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks linda. I like your op-shopping blog. Vintage/recycle is a much bigger scene in the UK than here. I think the sunlight wears out our threads!

  3. Sometimes the simple things turn out so well. Love this top and it looks lovely on you too.

  4. It looks great. It is very satisfying to buy and make something straightaway - compared to the usual it ends up in the cupboard for a few months (or years !). I made my first cynthia Rowley pattern last year - again very simple but it was my second favourite garment for the year. I am now looking out for more and this top is on my list.

  5. Such super wonderful I-love-it fabric, Val. Cute top.

  6. Oh, I love it! Every time I see a version of this top pop up somewhere, I want to revisit it. I've made a linen version but didn't love it. I also attempted the skirt, which did not go well.

  7. That's so flattering :). Your top looks great on - such a useful little pattern, isn't it, and yes, it MUST have been kismet! I've been tempted by the skirt too but I can't think where I'd wear it, and I've already got a nice selection of 'fancy' in the wardrobe...

  8. The fabric is insanely favourite of all your makes.