Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Burda 7659 Pleated Dress

Animal prints are a favourite of mine, along with stripes and florals and plains and...ah you get my drift. Anyway there's always an animal print  in the stash and this ocelot print cotton was waiting for the right pattern.

I first saw burda 7659 on coco's loft in 2012 and it's taken me too long to make up this pattern because it's a good one for tropical heat. It is a swingy a-line dress with three front box bleats, back zipper and a self lined curved yoke. The box seats are sewn closed for 4" which gives the dress a bit of shaping. There are inseam pockets. The yoke is supposed to be interfaced. My material was firm enough, I didn't do this. The armholes are finished off with bias strips. By the way the pattenr's instructions for constructing the pockets are clumsy. I find that attaching the pocket pieces, pressing them outwards then doing them in one go along with the side seams works better than the three step fiddle that they recommend.

Burda 7659, brought to you by my new favourite piece of jungle
and a giant Moreton Bay Fig.

Would I sew it again. Yes. The dress has shape without needing a belt but is loose enough for hot days.

I've been on a buying blitz. I bought two patterns yesterday for $5 each that I'd had my eye on for a while at the Spotlight sale (all patterns but Vogue). I've just received a box from EOS which made me very happy! I've bought material for a quilted jacket. I also bought a gorgeous winter weight jersey at Spotlight two days ago, so that's it!

I feel satisfied that I have everything I need to sew the next six months of projects at least.

Have a happy jungle trek,


Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Simplicity 1318 Kimono Jacket

Kimono jackets have been around for a while now and this pattern  Simplicity 1318 * was on my to do list all last year. I've only just made it up and I'm glad I did. It's a lovely pattern and it makes up well as a light layer to throw on in unpredictable weather and boy haven't we had that. Sydney has been having constant rain for the last week and it's been cold/ humid rather than real cold, if you know what I mean. It's good to dress in layers because you could be boiling by the end of the day.

*BTW Simplicity please put a search box on your website as it's clunky and crowded and time consuming to navigate.

But back to the kimono. I first saw it here on Erica Bunker's site. That lady makes up the latest thing when it's current. Me, I go 'that's nice', get the pattern then don't sew it till a year later. Must do something about that lol.

I had some burn out poly velour in the stash. It was hidden so deep I didn't find it until I'd rifled through all six tubs of fabric muttering 'I know it's in here somewhere.
But just as well, because I found the black satin that I used as contrast trim because I didn't have enough. Fortuitous.

Shot indoors because it's raining..

The pattern is quick and easy to put together but do add the notches rather than ignoring them because on garments of this type everything looks kinda the same till it all comes together.
I had to shorten the back curve by 3cm tapering to the side seams to bring it into proportion on me because I'm short.

I made the body up on the serger, then assembled the front & neck band and used the walking foot to attach it to the body and finished the edges with the serger. Same with the sleeve bands. The walking foot saved me a lot of hassle because the velour had stretch and the satin didn't.

Would I sew it again? Yes if the right material came along. Speaking of which my resolution is to buy sparingly and with intent, not on impulse. Get what I need. Sew what I have.

We'll see how that goes :)

Happy sewing,