Friday, 17 January 2014

The January Winner is..

Someone is going to do the happy dance! The January pattern give away has been drawn!

Happy Dance
Artwork is one of many adorning the corridors of Westmead Children's Hospital

It is Saturday here. It was a hot moonlit night and I woke before dawn, made myself a cup of tea and started blogging. I googled how to do the random number generator thingy and used this website RANDOM.ORG to do the deed. It was much simpler than I thought. I had made a list of who matched what number, typed in 1 and 5 and the generator picked the number for me.

The winner is number 4, Nikki of adventures of a beginner sewer

So Nikki, email me and the patterns will be posted on Monday.


Sunday, 12 January 2014

A Generous Girl

Would love this give away because the dresses go to size 18 or higher!

But let me explain. New Year, New Beginnings right? Actually this is a continuation of my determination to de-stash that was quite successful last year. I went through a tub of fabric. Literally.

Now I want to do the same with patterns. De-stash that is. Not buying patterns at all is um..not on the agenda because I have discovered Style arc but I will try to restrain myself.

I have been going through the patterns I own and picking out ones that are unused, uncut and waiting for new homes. Most of them are styles that I have in several variations..does anyone else do that?..and I know I will not get around to making them. So, inspired by a relatively new blogger Jennifer N, who was in turn inspired by an established blogger Carolyn, I have decided to do monthly giveaways.

I'll post the giveaway anywhere.  This month I am doing three dresses. All three will go to one winner.

The HP103, above, has sizes 8 to 26 all in the envelope and is for soft or crisp wovens. I think it's OOP.

Burda 8227 has sizes 10 to 24, is for lightweight cottons, crepe, rayon.

Burda 8510 has sizes 8 to 18 and is for knits. Remember when mesh over mesh was all the rage? However it would work in one layer of knit fabric too. Has aVa va voom neckline.

If you want to be in the draw say so in a comment. But....

If you win I want you to make up one of the dresses in the next three months, post about it and mention  my blog.   *Edit:  Due to a massive lack of enthusiasm over having a time restraint I'm going to say if you want it, comment, no strings!


Friday, 10 January 2014

Elle Pants and knock off top


I finally got my DD to model the Style arc Elle pants that I made for her last year. She got two at once and they are on high rotation as a major part of her work wear. She loves them.

They are stretch woven and slim fitting almost like leggings. They are pull on with a wide elastic waist that sits a bit higher at the back. I made them from stretch suiting very similar to stretch bengaline swatch sent with the pattern and made them exactly as the instructions say.  Style arc Elle Pant

I think they are a bit long, but DD likes them scrunched at the ankle..

They are forget-you-are-wearing-them pants. 

The top is part of a limited collection designed by Peter Morrisey for one of the chain stores, K Mart if I remember correctly. My daughter asked me to clone it and make it up from a butterfly printed rayon from Lincraft that she likes.

The original blue and white top is in a mystery crepe material, not silk but not a total horror. I made a pattern of the top without too much trouble but sewing it up in this awful cheap *expletive deleted* rayon was something else.

In fact I finished the sleeves off with some stretch lace and did a rolled hem on the overlocker because I could not fight with the material any longer. Luckily my daughter likes the top and still wants another one from the same material, cloned from another top she has.

For once - Oh My - I refused. Then she said 'What material would be good then?' I said 'silk crepe' and in fact darling I have a bit leftover from a recent dress ..

'The engagement party dress? Oooo Is there enough? There is, I said, and that's how it will be another top for DD. Win win.

I would rather give her leftover silk than face that monstrous synthetic again. Perhaps we are both spoilt. Me by knowing how lovely it is to sew with silk crepe, and DD by knowing how lovely it is to get made to order garments.

I told her I had post polyester trauma syndrome and the next garment is for me. Then I get out the silk..

Happy sewing,

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Op Shopping

Dear Sewists,

If you live somewhere other than Australia, an 'Op Shop' is a Thrift Shop or a second hand shop run for charity. I look through them for second hand books and I can't resist rummaging through the patterns if there are any. In a recent windfall I found these.

Isn't this wonderful? There's no copyright date anywhere on this pattern that I can find but it must be 80's don't you think? I love the illustration  and the fact that the top half of the girls' heads appear to be missing.

No one is wearing big coats, right? Wrong. Look at this from Stella McCartney Fall 2013. Images from

Then I found this beauty.

The copyright date is 1977.  I love the illustration, very Stephanie Powers from Hart to Hart Image from google images.

I was nosing around and came across this. It's probably separates but it gives the same impression as a jumpsuit. By Stella Mc from her Spring 2014 RTW.

 This shirtdress pattern I found is from what was a week-by-week how-to-sew magazine series with patterns.

I like the relaxed collar but I've never been a fan of the poke-you-at-the-cinema-from-the-next-seat granny sleeves. No one is, right? Wrong - once again from Stella McCartney (see previous link) complete with the big sleeves but updated with the snaky print.

But hey, it's not just Stella revisiting and revamping the 80's..

Get a load of this pink offering from Rochas in Pre-Fall Trends Scroll through them all. It's illuminating!

I hope you liked this report. It all started with a baggy pattern bought for a laugh but now I am thinking of actually using it! I've got an old pink check blanket somewhere..

Happy sewing,

Thursday, 2 January 2014

Lola Pants in Python Print

Happy January people!

I hope it's a good year for everybody and that you all get what your blogging hearts desire..
I've already been sewing and singing while I did  it. Do any of you remember this? Lola by The Kinks

My first garment of 2014 is a very easy to sew, quick to make, ideal for hot weather pattern, the Lola pant from Style Arc.

I had some python print rayon which I saved especially for Petty Grievances' Jungle January. I couldn't wait to make it up.

Lola is a simple elastic waisted pant with slant pockets, optional pocket zippers and tapered legs. The waistband has an interfaced smooth section at the centre front. I had already made the pattern up for my daughter in a knit in size twelve.  Style Arc patterns only come with one size per envelope and I had bought the 12 according to my daughter's measurements. On her it was true to size in every respect and I knew I could upgrade it to a 14 for me without too much trouble. I added 1 cm the side and inner leg seams and 4 cm to the total length of the waistband. I shortened the legs a little bit as is usual for me and that was it. 

Like any pattern it is good to measure in the flat first to check ease and fit etc. I love the drafting of these pants. The pattern will be used again and again. There is just enough ease, the style is nice, the instructions are good. I like Style Arc. The new blouse designs look very tempting. 

My python print rayon is from Lincraft.

I did not make the top. It's from Katies and has no side seams but is a stretchy tube with neck and armholes! It was a Christmas gift from a friend.

So then, that finishes my report from the jungles of Sydney. Am I the first Jungle Sewist Anne?

Happy Sewing,