Tuesday, 27 May 2014

My Archer is Finished

 Here's the Reveal!

This morning I ironed my finished Archer and decided to make use of the early morning light to drive to a nearby nature reserve  set up tripod and take some pics.

I am wearing a cami underneath today but this shirt will be the perfect summer throw-on.You know roll up the sleeves and throw on over a T-shirt and shorts. It feels good on and will be a favourite.

Needless to say I have become a Archer fan. Here's a link to the pattern company. Grainline Studio Archer Shirt Pattern

If you haven't read my former posts I started with a too snug 12 and then decided to do modifications.

1. Adding an off grain front and plackets link to off Grain opening post
2. Adding a centre back seam and sway back adjustment.
3. Adding a front dart link to the adding a dart post
4. Adding a little bit of ease to the neck and body

Providing early morning entertainment to park workers.

After all the alterations my shirt is a modified  size 14 with size 16 sides size12 sleeves. Oh whatever! Roomy enough to skim the middle but not cling on.

I tried to do too much at once to the back:  adding a CB seam, a sway back adjustment AND retaining the CB pleat. That's a combination that did not want to gel. The pleat is stitched down at the top and the waist, therefore the back pleat will probably be eliminated in my next version. Because there will be a next version..

I'm warning you. The Archer is addictive :)

Happy to sew you,  



  1. All of your hard work has paid off nicely. A lovely shirt

  2. You had manage to get a blouse that looks fantastic on you, well done!

  3. You did it!!! Love this look on you Val.

  4. It is beautiful Val, and the fit absolutely perfect! I am not sure what makes a shirt an Archer, but whatever it is, it is working well...xx

  5. Lovely. It turned out perfectly fitted and you look great in it! Congratulations!

  6. Thanks ladies. I rushed through posting this before going to work so didn't add a pattern link.
    Patricia the pattern is the Archer Shirt from Grainline studios, an internet download. it's been very popular for a couple of years now.

  7. Perfect! I'm sure there will be more to come!

  8. Fantastic shirt.. Great fitting job.. Love the fabric you chose. Happy sewing.

  9. Looks really good on you. I love the fabric too.

  10. Love your blouse. It turned out beautifully.