Monday, 26 August 2013

Deja Vu - BurdaStyle 126-02-2013 Top

Dear Readers,

Deja vu means 'I've seen that before' or 'I feel like I have lived this moment before'.  wikipedia You may be thinking 'Didn't she make something in that material before? A dress with a ruffle..Oh no, maybe she went mad and chopped it off..'

I have made a dress in this material before with a long front ruffle detail and the dress remains a favourite. This top is from the same pattern, made out of the leftovers. As they say here, if you are on a good thing, stick to it.

This pattern is a quick T-Shirt with gathered raglan sleeves to give a bit of interest. I stabilized the necklline by sewing on a strip of selvedge and turning it to the inside and coverstitching it. I also coverstitched the sleeve and body hems.

When I came home today I did the fastest photo shoot ever, just before all the neighbourhood children came home from school and it all got too busy in the space between my building and my neighbour's garage. The garage door was sprayed green to camouflage some graffiti some time ago but better than that it is in the perfect place for soft morning light or afternoon shade and photos!

Here is the previous dress and a  link to the post.  Soon it will be summer dress time again.

Happy midweek sewing everyone.


Saturday, 10 August 2013

To Mullet or not to Mullet V8771

Dear Readers of the blog,

Yesterday I made a top using Vogue 8771 from striped knit material from the stash. The last of the stripes, honest! The pattern, also stash, is for a batwing top with a scooped round neckline and either a straight hem or front high back low hem also known as the mullet.
Not that Mullet..

Or this mullet..

I couldn't help but think of my favourite man mullet. If anyone could get away with it it is Billy Ray Cyrus here
Now that we know all that there is about mullets here's a link to V8771.

Warning! Two disturbing images follow, of me trying to sport the hem-mullet.


It sort of worked from the front but the back was a no-no. I went back to the level hem after much pinning and umming and aghing..

That's relief on my face.

The back. It's all finished and I am wearing it, without feeling like a potato!
Happy sunny Sunday everyone,
Edited to add I have fixed my links to open in new windows, by ticking the box that gives the option. Duh.


Saturday, 3 August 2013

You win some, You lose some

Dear Readers,

You may have noticed that my blog has been silent for a few weeks. I did make a pair of skinny leg, pull on pants that ended up not finished and will never be finished, never worn. Maybe recycled in bits later .. much later.
Here is the photo.

What was I thinking? I was thinking of combining a favourite pattern for three part leggings with half woven houndstooth and half stretch material in black. I would wear it with long tops. It would be my take on the trend for checked pants that is enjoying a brief fashion moment right now. Well - it did not work. If I were taller or younger then maybe .. I put them on and knew I would not wear them so this is one of the times that I am cutting my losses and moving on. Some risks don't work but it is still worthwhile to try out a new idea occasionally.

On a brighter note you may notice that on my sidebar I now have a new blog. I have started a photo blog so I can indulge in photo talk with like minded people instead of sneaking in the odd photo here. If you are interested come on over.

Edited to add I have fixed the link :)

Thanks and take care,