Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Burdastyle 2-2013-153 Dress or The Unwearable Muslin

Dear Blogging Friends,

The February 2013 issue of Burda style is a cracker. It has so many beautiful things in it. The raglan sleeve top with shoulder gathers that is becoming a classic over on PR, some lovely jackets, caftan tops, classic pants. The list goes on. There is also a designer dress with some interesting draping.
Burda Downloadable

Isn't it lovely. A vision of gorgeousness.
I had some poly knit that I had left at my daughter's that she had given back to me and I thought I would give it a quick go to see how it looked. I traced it off, cut it out.

The front pattern piece is certainly unusual as you can see. The instructions are convoluted as well. I must have read them over for about an hour on an off while eating breakfast and cleaning up. I would come back to them, go away, come back to them again. I got one sensible piece out of it which was 'Sew seam 2 on left front to seam 2 on front'. Ok. After that I gave up and looked at the photo and experimented with pins until I had a few 'aha' moments.

The neckline, which is a high slightly draped cowl is the curvy seam at the top right hand corner of the above photo. The left front (pictured) and the shoulder seam adjoining it become all the draping that hangs from the left shoulder. The pointy bit at the left waist at the bottom of seam between the two doubles back to join onto the slit at the other side after linings and waistbands and whatnot are sewn on.

I wasn't including linings or waistbands in this muslin, just trying to figure out the basic assembly.  I sewed the front waist seam as one continuous line from the slot and over the point and continued on to the other edge and in doing so sewed the waist edge of the left front to the left front portion of the skirt.

Wrong Side

Right Side, yes that's me, standing on a chair.

This is how it looked. I sort of got it figured out. The back of the dress is straightforward.

Then I tried it on and this is where the story ends.  The style is interesting and the drape is original but instead of a present wrapped with a bow I looked like a sausage wrapped in bacon.
No photo folks.
I need to go make a t-shirt or something.

Till later,

Edit:  I found some reviews on the Russian Burda style site.This one looks good..belkair
If you go back a page you can see others.

Friday, 22 March 2013

Vogue 8765 ..again

Dear Blog Friends,

If I like a pattern I tend to use it 2,3,4 times. Sometimes I flog it to death. I could show you examples from times past before I started to blog but I will spare you. I might do a reminiscence post later.

Anyway I have made a dress and two tops from V8765 before. I like the simple wiggle-dress lines of this pattern, so I knocked out this:

In an effort to be more adventurous with my ..er.. fashion shoots I have ventured off my balcony and into the park across the road with my dress of brown feathers in horizontal lines. the material is a stretch cotton sateen bought three months ago with this pattern in mind. It is slightly too heavy for how hot it will be today but will be good when Autumn weather finally comes. I've said that in my reviews before but we are having a really long Indian Summer.

Shots taken early morning. Hey eight am is early by Saturday standards isn't it?

Not early enough. Photo bombed by a local jogger.

Happy Weekend everyone,

Monday, 18 March 2013

A quick sew - Kwik Sew 3377 tunic

Dear Bloggers,

Have you noticed that some garments once sewn seem to leap in front of the camera, twirl around and get photographed in five minutes flat while others act like brooding prima donnas refusing to co-operate?
Take black. It sucks up all the light and refuses to show any details. Black garments are notorious for this.
White should be easier, more specifically off white with cotton embroidery in the form of a simple tunic. Nope. This baby wanted to just slink off and hide in my beach bag for the last blast of warm weather due this weekend. I made it stand still and be photographed anyway, by my good friend the tripod.

Kwik Sew 3377

Made from stash cotton voile that ended up more transparent when made up than I expected..I am wearing a cami here for modesty's sake. This pattern, once I'd tweaked it has some nice lines and would look good in something more happy-hippy-ish.

Hey maybe that's why it's sulking..

Edited to add a close up photo of the top that I included in my PR review.

Also I have joined in on the bloglovin' whirlwind caused by the imminent demise of google reader. I've even got a widget. I'm all technological now.

Happy sewing

Friday, 15 March 2013

Second Dress from Marcy Tilton V8876

Dear Blog Readers, I have been at it again.

I had some more material just waiting for a special pattern and the idea for a two tone dress to show off the panels of V8876 sprang to mind.

I'd ordered these two pieces of lovely quilting material some time ago, from the Valori Wells Karavan collection. I was going to make a pink maxi dress with an elephant print border but when they arrived I just couldn't picture it. The pink was too pink, if you know what I mean, too much for the whole dress and I had only ordered 1.5 yards of the elephant bone coloured material. 
I could have kept both for a quilt but I make roughly one quilt a decade. Then I got this idea. It would work - or I would look like a clown, in which case the material would get cut up and used for a quilt after all.


Just kidding. I love it. BTW that's the dress flaring out .. not my behind!

On other matters

Pattern Cutting by Dennis Chunman Lo, 2011 published by Laurence King Publishing Ltd, London, UK.

I recently bought this book on Pattern Cutting that is drafting patterns in the flat from body measurements. I'd read pattern drafting books in the past that I had borrowed from the local library but this one has given me so many 'a ha' moments about how patterns are made and how designs are interpreted.

I want to give it all a go! Watch this space! 

Happy sewing,

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

This Thing Called Fashion

Hello Bloggers,

This year in the hope of minimizing my stash and seeking more creative ways to use it the thought occurred to me that some of my material may have become - dare I say it- unfashionable? Perish the thought! Don't we all need the latest thing?
No Dear Reader, we don't.  In my carefully undertaken research of fashion blogs I have found that it is All In How You Wear It - maybe a little dash of How You Put It Together and, in our case, creative friends, how we fashion.v  it - so make it Darling, make it!
I found these items and I am feeling positively encouraged.

Anna Dello russo, editor of Japanese Vogue.  http://www.annadellorusso.com/adr-iconic-looks/

Then there's menswear

Umit Benan http://www.style.com/fashionshows/review/F2013MEN-UBENAN


xx Val

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Vogue 8876 Marcy Tilton dress

Hello Bloggers,

Recently, through the magic of the internet and US Post I received the new season Vogue Marcy Tilton dress pattern 8876 in my little letter box months before it will appear in the stores here.
Vogue 8876 It is swishy and surprisingly voluminous and will be good as our days cool down into Autumn.

Trying to look mysterious and inscrutable.

I'd trawled the stash to see if I had a material that would suit this pattern and found this lovely Japanese quilting backing with white dragonflies on blue background that I had been saving for just the right moment. It had been expensive but irresistable. Now was the time!

I am working from the stash as much as possible this year, only getting notions when necessary. I've perfected the art of going into Spotlight, buying a specific purchase then Not Buying Any Material.

To be honest the offerings at the moment are not that exciting. Walking in and out of Tessuti or The Fabric Shop would be much harder but they are way across town .. thankfully!

Anyway, back to this eccentric little dress. I don't usually go for Marcy Tilton's art-to-wear style as it isn't really my thing but this slightly off beat offering is.

Buttons from Spotlight's bargain bin. Total cost 60 cents! Score! I used the triangular ones.

I've done a PR review of the pattern. I was surprised to be the first one.

A couple of shots of summer rain.
By the way, I have re-activated word verification. I know it is a bit of a hassle but I was getting  so much junk. I value all genuine comments and hope you still say Hi.

Happy sewing everybody,