Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Style Arc Lola Pants

Hello People,

This is another catch up post. Yesterday as another hot summer's day blended into a hot Sydney night I took the bag of goodies I had made over to my daughter. The Elle work pants were met with delight before she even put them on but the first thing modeled for me were the casual Lola pants made from a crazy knit.

Lola is supposed to be for soft wovens such as rayon or silk, but I saw no reason why it would not work in a knit. My daughter had asked for elastic waisted casual pants and I knew Lola would fit the bill. She liked the result. She calls them her sort-of-harem-pants.

Every now and then we go fabric shopping together. I then take updated measurements, make some clothes for her. In return she cooks dinners and models for photos. Something that is very hard to get her to do otherwise - the modeling, not the cooking! I've made her quite a few black work pants over the years. It was fun to run up Lola.

Here's DD in the fading light.

Style Arc Lola

Lola was the free pattern in November and I must admit this was what prompted me to give Style Arc  a go, even though I live in Australia and the postage etc is not as prohibitive as for those of you who are buying from overseas. I am glad I took the plunge. Both patterns delivered up to date styling and contemporary fit. I flat measured the patterns first and compared the crotch to my draft for daughter's previous shorts. I was pleased to see that it would work. The pants come out looking like the line drawing of the pattern.  

Elle (to be reviewed) is as slim a fit as promised, sort of grown up leggings but Lola is simply the ideal casual summer pant. 

You can see the waistband detail and the slant pockets a little better here. The pattern has a variation with zippers in the pockets. I think this would drag down a light woven but you never now.. Also because of the intended zipper, the pocket pieces are in two slightly different sizes to allow for the width that an inseam zipper produces. I just used the larger pocket pattern for all  four pieces.

The instructions are clearly written. Both pants use a sandwich method of sewing the elastic in. With the Lola I  attached the elastic to the interfaced mid section seams on the inside before stitching in a circle to encase the elastic in then serging the whole thing onto the body of the pant. They came together very quickly. My daughter did not want elastic in the leg hems.

They are a hit. There will be more. In fact there is a piece of python print rayon in the stash calling my name. How long till Jungle January?

End note: I had some trouble placing my order with Style Arc. I was in a hurry and had made a typing error when entering my address and their automated system kept telling me I lived in America. This was frustrating in the extreme. I emailed Style Arc and they were understanding and helpful and professional in their attitude. The problem was eventually sorted out.

Their pattern pieces go together well. The instructions are very RTW. The fit is true to the measurements on their sizing charts.

Overall, I did not expect to be as impressed as I am.

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  1. I love all the Style Arc designs, and this one is very pretty! I should ask some of them for Christmas! Seeing your version makes me want to make this one!

  2. Style Arc patterns are the only patterns that fit me properly love them.

  3. I have been please with the few style arc items I have sewn. I plan to purchase more and pay for the shipping to the states. I was curious about these. They look great. Thank for posting.

  4. Very groovy and so on trend.

  5. Gorgeous fabric, and perfect for those fantastic pants, Val. Most definitely I am going to buy a Style arc pattern and give it a go. Planning a January sew-a-thon, and can't wait! Your daughter looks like you - just as my daughter looks like me :))

  6. I have yet to sew my Style Arc patterns - so I appreciate your run down on them.

  7. Fun pants -- I love the print!

  8. These pants are on my to do list, thanks for your tips! They turned out very cool

  9. Thanks people. Eve, welcome to my blog.

  10. Hi Valerie,
    I'm doing those pants now but having trouble with the zippered pockets how did you go with the pockets.