Saturday, 10 August 2013

To Mullet or not to Mullet V8771

Dear Readers of the blog,

Yesterday I made a top using Vogue 8771 from striped knit material from the stash. The last of the stripes, honest! The pattern, also stash, is for a batwing top with a scooped round neckline and either a straight hem or front high back low hem also known as the mullet.
Not that Mullet..

Or this mullet..

I couldn't help but think of my favourite man mullet. If anyone could get away with it it is Billy Ray Cyrus here
Now that we know all that there is about mullets here's a link to V8771.

Warning! Two disturbing images follow, of me trying to sport the hem-mullet.


It sort of worked from the front but the back was a no-no. I went back to the level hem after much pinning and umming and aghing..

That's relief on my face.

The back. It's all finished and I am wearing it, without feeling like a potato!
Happy sunny Sunday everyone,
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  1. Oh mullets - be still my achy, breaky heart! Much as I love them, I do prefer your straight hemmed version of this top. The seam detailing is very nice. The mullet hemmed one seems to be shaped in at the hips which doesn't seem to work for this style. The 'Briar' t-shirt, for example, is more of an A-shape which I think is probably more flattering for this style of hem.

  2. Great save on the mullet - a good trim in the back is all that is needed for a mullet. Love the end result.

  3. Love love a stripey top - less sure about mullets! That is a great pattern, excellent batwing sleeves, but I prefer the straight him look too. You will get heaps of wear from this sew. Very French sailor chic!

  4. LOL - and you proved that every mullet benefits from a good haircut! Your final version is so cute, I really like the sleeves. And stripes are good. If I can do green over and over (yes, more coming), you can do stripes.

  5. Thanks ladies. Megan the pattern is snug across the hips - but I thought it was my hips not the pattern!
    BeeJay yes it got the chop..but taller ladies can wear the style. From memory Coco of Coco's Loft made a great version with the dippy hem.
    Patricia I never thought of it as French sailor but I'll take that thanks! I made loose cuffs because the long tight ones in the pattern added to the out-of-proportion effect.

  6. The only decent thing to do with a mullet it chop it off. I agree it is a style a tall person can wear. Love the finished result.

  7. Thanks Coco and Louise. Perhaps I should change the post title to "All Mullets Must get The Chop". I am waiting out the mullet skirt fad too.

  8. I think the top without the mullet looks smashing!

  9. Although tempted from time to time, I'm sure I would have the similar back-view issues on a long mullet. Megan is probably right about it working better in an A-line shape. I have a slightly mullet-ish tank top in a swingy A-line shape that looks okay - but it is relatively short. Anyway, good save - the final top is really cute!

  10. I like a mullet hem but only if it is subtle. I saw some tees in a store that referred to it as an 'elliptical' hem which I think sounds much nicer! Though I do love me some Billy Ray Cyrus. Love those stripes!

  11. what a nice top! I prefer the last pic ^__^

  12. Love your new top.. Love the stripe fabric..

  13. I like mullets, but I agree that this one needed the chop.

  14. Love the de-mulletted version. Nice save! Frankly, I don't think I have seen anyone that this style flatters. There are just so many betterlooking options out there.

  15. Good save. The short version looks so much better on you.

  16. Your mullet pics made me laugh. I think you need a sway back adjustment to lose the wrinkles at the back if you make this pattern again. Sadly it's one of those adjustments that have to be done before cutting.

    1. I know, I know. I've got to get over my mental block about it first ..

  17. Love the batwing ... not the mullet! I've seen a lot of mullet tops recently -- not sure who can wear them well. Great save!