Friday, 26 October 2012

Butterick Cargos 5504

Dear People,
My boxes are all unpacked, including my sewing gear! I spent eight hours sorting, labeling and storing my material stash. I am so serious about not buying material that I unsuscrbed all my online pattern and material newsletters.
In my stash I found some half remembered gems, lovely stuff. I won't feel deprived!
The first thing I ran up, from some winter stash olive lightweight stretch denim was the Butterick 5504 Cargo pants that look so good on Coco of Coco's Loft. Here are mine

They are a quick, simple pull on pant with straight legs and centre front seams and deep built in pockets. They are a touch wider than any pants I usually wear on my short self but that's what heels are for right? I thought about narrowing the legs by tapering them but that would ruin the line of the pant. If I sew them again it will be in a lighter material or I'd possibly narrow the whole leg down the outside seam a bit. This is a body proportion issue on my part. The pattern itself is very nicely drafted.

Butterick 5504 by Connie Crawford

Butterick 5191, now out of print.

The top I am wearing is a modification of OOP Butterick 5191, made two years ago. The wrap over style did not suit me so I cut it down into a v-neck that meets at centre centre front, and added some black selvedge trim from another project, made my own ribbon tie and used some velcro dot fasteners.
I know my body. I know that cut away shoulders, midriff ties and long wide pants do not suit me but sometimes I feel the urge to try these things out to see if it's still true!
But as for my cargos - I like them anyway!

Happy Sewing and Stash Busting

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Dolman sleeve top from V8765

Hello People

Has anyone seen the movie "My Life in Ruins" starring Nia Vardalos?
My Life in Ruins
Well this week of my life could have been called My Life in Boxes. I have moved back to my old apartment and I am still trying to get my life out of all the boxes and sorted and streamlined and decluttered. Organized even. You know I think I could be a minimalist if I weren't so fond of material...books...patterns. Oh ok and plants and elephants.

The last thing I sewed at my DD's was this little top.

I used the bodice of V8765, a dress pattern for wovens, as my base. I traced two sizes bigger, left off the front slit and the dart and added 12cm in length. Narrowed the sides of the neckline a little bit. I do plan to make this dress eventually, the straight skirt version.

I saw the rayon knit in Lincraft and thought it would kind of match my technicolour pants and it matched perfectly. Here's a handy hint. My favourite elastic for necklines is lingerie weight fold over elastic from Spotlight cut in half lengthways. I use the exact length of the neckline as measured by the pattern pieces. Make a circle. Serge or zig zag to the wrong side of neck, turn and zig zag or coverstitch on top. BTW my coverstitcher decided it did not like this material until I put Guterman threads up top and embroidery thread for the underside into the machine. Then it worked. I also threatened it with being thrown into the river...
Off to unpack my sewing things and maybe go for a swim. I am within walking distance of the local pool/fitness centre and it's hot today. Unpacking boxes can wait.

I'll be sewing soon. In the meantime I'll leave you with some English Halloween memories.

Happy sewing, Valerie.

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Meet Frankie

Frankenpattern that is...a casual zippered and lined jacket that is based on two Kwik Sew patterns.

Both are patterns that I have had in my stash for years and wanted to try but never got around to.  KS 2882 on the right is a beautifully drafted selection of vests. I used View B and extended the fronts and facings by 8cm from the CF, then figured out where I wanted the zip to sit, cut, inserted and put back together, feeling relieved when everything matched at the end.
The sleeves are from the KS denim jacket, another much reviewed pattern that was a hit a few years ago. They are two part sleeves made into a one piece sleeve and narrowed them slightly.
I made up my own lining. If you have never done this you just use the back and front minus the facings plus seam allowances for attaching to the facing - or you can simply cut out identical pieces to the sleeve, front and back, assemble it them pin it to the shell and cut off the excess.

 Doing a Twirl..

No, I didn't make the jeans. They are Jag jeans purchased recently. The top is a favourite Zara cotton T shirt bought in England last year that I've worn almost to death and want to replicate if I can find the right material. Finding just the right stripey navy & white cotton knit is far more elusive than it should be!
Happy sewing people, especially those of you doing Halloween and dressing up your dogs as hamburgers.
:)) Val

Monday, 1 October 2012

Burdastyle Jacket 121/06/12

Hello people,
In my previous blog post mentioned that I was making two 'quick' jackets (add crazy laughter here) from sweatshirt material as an antidote to the mental stress I had put myself under sewing the silk Tessuti dress. My DD had seen the line drawings for the burda jacket and requested it made out of my grey stash sweatshirting.
For some reason jackets and coats out of knits had been seen in the shops here over winter and my daughter likes the look. Like the indulgent parent that I am I agreed. Now the moral of this story is that you cannot make a tailored garment from a material that does not want to be tailored. Well you can but it won't look tailored which is, I suppose the whole point.

Don't pull those pockets! Of course not Mum...

DD loves it and went off to work wearing it this morning. But, my dear fellow sewists can I rant a little seeing you will understand?..  Making This Jacket Was A Pain in the A$$! In order to have a garment that would last more than a few washes I had to stabilize enough of the stress points for it to take a bit of a beating but leave enough freedom of movement to give it that *ugh* slouch..

Stabilized the armhole area as an afterthought...

The pattern has a cute back stand collar

Add bound buttonholes to the mix..and a lining out of one way stretch nylon with the stretch put cross ways for minimal stretch on the grain.

And a girl who says Mum take it in at the waist! More unpicking Gah!!!!

On a serious note this is a lovely casual jacket pattern and I do recommend it and I will eventually make it up double sided in two different coloured cottons as the pattern suggests. But first I am off to make up my (hopefully quick, stress free, easy) zippered spring jacket.
Happy sewing everyone.