Friday, 14 September 2012

Drape drape no3 in silk and Tessuti Awards 2012

Dear blog friends,
Some of you know that I was planning to sew drape drape three in silk - well here it is!

From Japanese design book, knit to woven, cotton to silk and triple silk at that, it sometimes did feel as if I was walking the plank...

But hey it's only cloth and risk of failure .. and of face ...

But I am glad to say it turned out well. I have a race day dress that swishes when I move and makes me feel good. Not only that I secretly planned to enter it in the Tesutti Awards 2012 dress contest all along. These awards are held annually by the Tessuti fabric store. You have to buy the outer shell (at least) from the Tessuti store here in Sydney or in Melbourne or online. this year's theme was spots and stripes.
This contest used to be for Australians only but this year it is open world wide. I have never entered before but this time I took the plunge.

I'll be doing a Pattern Review soon with detailed information on how to translate this dress from a knit to a woven. In the meantime I have tired eyes from all this blogging.
Now I can relax and next I will sew a Burda spring jacket or some knit dresses or try out a new Vogue pattern or two.
Happy sewing everyone.

 Shots 1, 3 & 4 taken at Western Sydney Parklands, Bungaribee Park.


  1. I just love it - such a great result, and you must be pleased. You walked the plank and survived! Good luck with the competition and enjoy wearing your gorgeous dress - will it be going racing? Xxx

    1. Oh yes at the Spring Racing Carnival! I am not a gambler - it is for a girly day out and to watch the horsies go around.

  2. Beautiful Valerie, just the dress for you.
    Good luck in the competition.

  3. Oh my, Valerie. So so pretty! Worth every muslin. You look stunning in this style.

  4. Great outcome - it's unusual shape stands it out from the crowd of dresses. Very nice indeed.

  5. Gorgeous and well worth all the work.

  6. What a beautiful result, the dress turned out so well. You look stunning wearing it! Have fun at the racing carnival.

  7. I just voted for your dress, I am so impressed with all of the effort you took. It was well worth all of that effort to achieve such a great result.

  8. Thank you, all your comments and support mean a lot to me :)

  9. I spotted (!) this dress on Pattern Review and had to check it out as I'm waiting for my own copy of Drape Drape to arrive. Your beautiful dress has made me even more impatient and excited about getting the book. Lovely blog too, I will definitely be visiting again :)

  10. You have my vote on this one! Congratulations on such a stunning dress - well worth entering in the competition...

  11. Great job Valerie - love the silk version.

  12. Oh yay you entered the tessuti awards I'm voting for you right now!!! I hope you win!! I love this dress is so pretty looks fantastic on you.