Wednesday, 15 August 2012

It worked! Drape drape 3

Dear bloggers,
With much relief I want to say my first foray into Japanese pattern books worked!

This pattern is going to be a favourite for knits but I want to make up this dress in a woven. The next step is a muslin out of something slippery  from the stash and if that works I want to do it in silk with silk lining for a special event. I had a standby pattern in case this pattern did not work. The motif on the material ended up centered by accident. I didn't realize the motifs were so big and the material was only just wide enough for the pattern  piece.
Then I almost bungled the sleeves. I had hemmed too much of the armhole opening and taken it up too far to the wrong marking and the placement of the back neck piece did not work. I wasn't going to unpick it so I re pinned the back neck which left me with the option of placing the gathered bit under the bodice side a bit further down the front armhole than the pattern says. Then I  top stitched it in place. The construction is actually simple once you know how (like many things). I want to try some of the more outlandish garments later. DD likes this dress too.

Rearranging the front sleeve cap

Off to do the woven. I was glad to find there is a Pattern Review of a woven version of this dress here
Happy sewing people. A link to my review is here

Monday, 13 August 2012

Drape Drape dress no 3

Dear  fellow bloggers,
Some time ago I received a delightful package from Tessuti, (no association, just a favourite shop) the Japanese book Drape Drape in English.

It was previously only available in Japanese. Let me say it is so much better to have access to the instructions and tips in English. I love some of the more outlandish garments in the book but I am going to start with a user friendly dress that I like very much. No 3.

The pattern sheets are included but guaranteed to give any tracer a hard time. I did not want to mark the pattern but I had to outline my pattern piece to have any chance of tracing it. In daylight with my glasses on dear reader. By pattern piece I mean exactly that, one ingenious pattern piece makes a whole dress. The pattern is for knits but I want to make it up in a woven so this is a wearable muslin for me cut in the largest size. I am not sure how a Japanese pattern will sit on my not so delicate frame. I do not have little bones. I want to find out where to upgrade for a woven or even if it is a viable idea.

Take a deep breath and cut!

The line drawing below is the right way up. At the top of what looks like the shoulder is actually the back neck seam. The top curvy bit is the top of the sleeve. The two straight lines to the left of the pattern are the back of the bodice and back of skirt.

I hope to get it done today. Do you know that I am nervous about this project. It is new territory for me. I guess I am afraid of feeling foolish but I will post the outcome even if it is and it will be an interesting sewing exercise for sure.

I did some practical sewing while mulling over Japanese designs. Something safe while getting ready to  leap. (Am I being a drama queen here - um yes!)

Note the Australian national footwear - the sheepskin ugg boot..

KS 3264 - a great pattern but if I make it again I'd add a bit more front overlap or a bigger band.

That's it ladies & gentlemen. I'm off to get out my serger. I am glad I am not the only one trying something new and following their creativity. I've been inspired by Sigrid's post about her trepidation over sewing jeans, Sham's musings about what constitutes art and creativity and Yoshimi who is my poster girl for Japanese chic.
Happy Sewing.