Sunday, 3 June 2012

A Skirt and two Knock offs

Dear Readers,
It's nice when someone likes your sewing so much that they say "Please make me something." It is even better when they end up wearing the garments a lot. Now I do realize there are blogs whose by-line is "I only sew for Me me Me" notably the very talented and knock-off proficient Selfish Seamstress whose increasingly sporadic posts I avidly consume as soon as they appear. I agree with her sentiment of I only want to sew clothes for me! But even Ms Selfish has on occasion sewn for others. Would she be able to resist requests from her own offspring?
Which leads me to my humble offering of this post. Guess which is the original skirt and which are the knockoffs..

The grey skirt is the original.

It is made from a stretch woven and my daughter wanted it in ponti. I traced the admittedly simple shape of the skirt and yoke and came up with this.

I've had mixed results with attempted knock offs in the past and I've found that I have to go by the finished measurements of the garment, not the person for whom it is intended, especially when it is your daughter wanting the exact fit. Here's the result.

 Please excuse the end of day wrinkles (the skirts, not mine!) Now I'm off to sew something for me...


  1. I prefer sewing for me. My DD's tend to wear their Mum made garments too little for the effort. I especially like the plaid skirt.

  2. I too love the plaid skirt - it's super cute - lucky lucky daughter to have a mother willing to sew for her. I am totally selfish in that respect too.

  3. Two Mum-Made items! Isn't that a little above and beyond duty? Actually I'm envious that your daughter will wear your creations - last time either of my two asked me was seven years ago for her Bac Ball (end of secondary school). But there is an important event coming up .....!
    And thanks for the support!!!

  4. Nice skirts Valerie! Great job knocking them off and happy for you that your daughter actually wears something you made. It's a long time since I made something for my daughter. Life cycle of garments is so short with teenagers.

  5. Thanks ladies. The plaid skirt is her favourite. DD is very happy to wear what I make as long as it's exactly what she wants! I make her buy the material though.

  6. I love both the skirts - very modern and flattering fit -Your daughter must be very happy . I actually really like sewing for other people because I have enough clothes anyway and then afterwards I feel less guilty about more sewing for me !