Friday, 10 February 2012

A Bit of Merino

Dear People
I'm settling in to Sydney. It's been cool by Australian standards and we've been getting monsoonal downpours of rain. I am not exaggerating here. I'm talking flash floods and news vision of people getting evacuated, but luckily that was where I work, not where I live and I got out in time. Everything is damp and muggy and steamy but it is the weekend and the sun has come out and I'm going to lunch with some girlfriends, people I've known since schooldays, soon. Life is good here in the land down under.
I've had access to my stored stash and sewing things so I have lots of summer things in the sewing queue but in the meantime a few weeks ago I received a beautiful piece of fine knit merino wool in the mail. It was a gift from Mary Nanna in return for winning a piece of Liberty in my recent give away. Now when someone sends you a note saying "I'm sending you a piece of material that is just so you," it makes you wonder just what you're was going to get (and what if its awful?)
I'm glad to say the merino she gave me resulted in love at first sight and it wasn't hard to figure out what I wanted to do with it so I squeezed a winter dress out of it using New Look 6071
Thank you Mary. I love the material and I love the dress. It needs to be a bit shorter but the material has settled a bit. It needs either high heels or tights and boots...
Edited to add:  here is a better photo of the dress. It deserved it.

Here's a preview of  half finished Vogue 1228, which I am making for my daughter.

I have since finished the dress but haven't managed to get her to do a photo shoot.
Happy sewing people. More to follow.


  1. I am so glad you liked the fabric - it's always a bit of risk predicting someone else's taste - but truly in this case the fabric chose you!

    Nice pattern too by the way. Hope you get to enjoy it -

    In other matters, I took the liberty to my craft group - there were lots of sighs of appreciation - a women who works a lot with liberty told me it probably dates from the 80's - which doesn't sound old until you figure that was 30 + years ago!

    So I came away with some good ideas - I've got another 2 garments in the cue and then I'm going to trial 2 test garments for how I might use it.

  2. Your merino dress looks perfect for a Sydney winter.

  3. Thanks ladies. Mary Nanna please don't fret too much about what to make with the liberty - just go with your very good instincts.

  4. Lovely dress - I really must check out that pattern. It was lovely of Mary Nanna to send you that fabric - she did choose very well for you!

  5. Lovely dress. I have a similar piece of merino in my stash, but only enough for a top. Your very lucky to receive a largish piece.

  6. I'm so happy to see you settled in and back at the sewing machine! Your Simplicity dress is just great. I have this pattern but started having second thoughts about sewing it until I saw your dress! Thanks!

  7. Seeing your New Look dress has just inspired me to move this one up to next on the queue. Looks wonderful on you and how nice that you have happy fabric gift memories whenever you wear it.

  8. Love your merino creations. If you want to make your own merino creations you can buy New Zealand merino products They ship worldwide and have lots of lovely merino fabrics.