Wednesday, 3 September 2014

What's Next

Dear sewing friends,

Firstly thank you for the lovely comments in the previous post regarding my mother's passing. We got through the funeral and it made me really value family and friends and the kindness of people in general. It was a surreal week.

I plan to be sewing again soon and the next thing I will sew will be a quick black hoodie T Shirt from Jalie 3132, which I have sewn before.

It is spring here and even though that means very changeable weather a blast of heat could arrive soon  and the short sleeved version looks so cute that I am looking forward to trying it.


My orchids flowered in abundance this year. I am glad I had plenty to share.

Thanks again,

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Goodbye Mum

Dear sewing bloggers,

When we blog we end up sharing layers of our lives, bit by bit, even if that is not our intention to start with. We get to know each other and get a sense of who we all are, through our shared interest - the creation of garments.

I was lucky enough to grow up in a sewing household. I heard the sewing machine in utero, was taught to hand sew doll clothes by my grandmother, then allowed free reign on the sewing machine by my mother. It was all fluid and easy, like breathing. My grandmother was a professional seamstress. She had a no nonsense mix of practicality and talent. Her clients would come to our house with material and describe what style they wanted. Grandmother would take measurements and sketch the pattern straight onto the material in chalk. Everything worked and everything fitted. I never saw her use a paper pattern in my life.

My mother, who did not consider herself talented because she did use paper patterns, would also whip up amazing things with a minimum of fuss.

I was the best dressed little girl on the block, but not in a showy way. I and my brothers miraculously had whatever we needed on a very modest budget and needless to say my mother was always stylishly dressed. It was a simpler time. We never did without but nothing was wasted. We valued what we had.

My mother passed away last night. She had been increasingly frail and ill for a long time and sixteen difficult days after surgery for a broken hip, her heart failed and and she passed away, like a wisp of smoke from a candle.

It was hard to believe that someone with such life force was really gone, but she is.

Goodbye Mum.

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Butterick 5958 Jacket

Hi Everyone,

I finally got around to making B5958 

I liked the look of this pattern ever since it came out and have always liked this style. The pattern is for a overlapped and lined jacket with either a zip or button closure, collarless or with a straight collar.

I went for View C with collar and cuffs and a zipper. I had some dark brown corduroy in the stash but it wasn't enough to try the jacket out so I cut the fronts and collar out of some tie dyed velvet that I bought from the bargain table at Spotlight earlier in the season on impulse. I had the zip. I had the lining and interfacing. All I ended up buying was dark brown topstitching thread. Sewing velvet on velvet or velvet against corduroy was a slow business even with a walking foot and what with all the hand stitching I did along the edges of the garment, the jacket took a fair bit of time.

The pattern has no pockets. They were my addition.

I like the collar, done or undone.

The back works too. I had cuffs cut out from the tie died velvet but liked the sleeves better without them.

My almost headless and footless shots are because I forgot the tripod plate wasn't on my camera so the camera was precariously rested on the tripod with the strap wound around it. Also I took these between rain showers so they'll have to do!

I like the pattern and used it with minimal tweaking so I am off to write a Pattern Review.

Happy Sewing,